How to Hang Planters on a Fence

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Instead of using the hidden brackets that are screwed directly onto the back of planter boxes, you can use exposed chain to hang them on a fence. To hang the boxes using chains, first screw threaded eye bolts to each of the planter box's four corners. You can then hook the chain onto the bolts.

Using chain will allow you to hang the boxes at different heights along the fence. Add a personal touch by painting the chain with a vibrant colour.

Screw stainless steel lag eye bolts into each of the planter box's four corners, ideally on the vertical supports of the box. Drill pilot holes with an electric drill when using large eye bolts to prevent the wood from splitting.

Screw a stainless steel hook through the wooden fence picket into the top rail.

Measure down from the stainless steel hook and determine how low you would like the planter box to hang. Use wire cutters to cut four strands of chain slightly longer than the determined measurement.

Clip snap hooks to the end of each of the four strands of chain. Attach the snap hooks to the lag eye bolts at the top of the planter box.

Hold the top of the four chains together and attach a snap hook to the top links of the chain.

Lift the box up by the chain and hook the top snap hook to the hook that was screwed into the fence. Make any slight adjustments to the chain length so that the box sits flush against the fence. Cut off any excess chain using wire cutters.