How to Design Your Own Funeral Cards

Most funeral homes offer you a card package but they can get rather pricey. If you're looking to save a little bit of money, you can design the funeral cards yourself. If you do decide to make funeral cards, make sure that the card pays proper respect to the deceased and their family.

You can do this by choosing nice images for the card and incorporating text that offers a sense of remembrance. A favourite quote or poem is usually a wise choice. Once you know what you're going to put on your card, all you will need is a greeting card program and some paper, and soon you'll be able to print your own cards.

Decide whether you want to design a one-sided card, a bifold card or a tri-fold card. A tri-fold card will allow for the most text and image options but will also take the longest time to design.

Choose an image to place on your card. This is usually a photograph of the deceased. You should also decide how many images you want to put on the card. One or two is common, but some cards have can as many as 13 or more.

Decide what text you want to include on the card. The text may include an obituary, funeral details, a poem, a song or any personal text you would like to include. Deciding what to put on the card should be a collaborative effort of family and friends. Since the goal of a funeral card is to pay respect always ask what other family members would like to see on the card before finalising the decision. If you're designing a card for someone who isn't in your immediate family, make sure you consult with those closest to the deceased before you begin brainstorming ideas.

Open up the greeting card software of your choice. Some computers come with greeting card software already installed. If your computer doesn't have greeting card software, you can buy a program for as little as £6.

Follow the directions to create your own funeral card. Each program is a little bit different but most offer similar features. Then upload the images you plan to use and type in your text. You'll also have to decide where you want to place your images and text, and choose what colours will work best for your card.