How to open MPP files

Are you looking for a way to open a Microsoft Project Plan (MPP) file without having to buy the expensive MPP software? There is a type of free software that you can download to open and view your MPP file. Microsoft Project Plan is a type of software that allows you to organise, track and maintain projects. MPP files can only be opened by a few different types of software, most of which cost hundreds of dollars. If you only need to view the files and not edit them, you can use a free software download.

Visit the KaDonk website. This website allows you to download or buy programs that will allow you to open and edit MPP files.

Click on "Get Free Viewer."

Enter you name, e-mail, phone number and company information and hit "Enter."

Click on the link that says "Download."

Click on "Save File" to start downloading. The program is almost 30 megabytes.

Install the program and then attempt to open the MPP file.

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