How to replace a halogen light bulb with a prong base

Halogen bulbs with two prongs at the base (called bipin halogen bulbs) range in power from 10 watts to 20,000 watts. Their uses include novelty and decorator lighting, security lighting, studio lighting for photography, stage and TV, spotlights and searchlights. Special handling is required for any halogen bulb with a globe made of quartz glass. Because of the thousands of halogen lights available, you need the mechanical skill to disassemble your light or lamp to get to the bulb without specific instructions.

Remove whatever covers your lamp has so that you can see the bulb.

Pull the bulb out. Larger bulbs are easy to grab, but smaller ones may be slippery. To get a grip, use thin rubber gloves.

Remove the new bulb from the packaging in which it came. Do not touch the glass with your fingers. Use cotton or rubber gloves or the cloth or paper towel.

Align the new bulb with the two holes and push it in.

Replace the covers that you removed in step 1.

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