How to Get Rid of Solitary Bees

Solitary bees are bees that have no hives and do not typically live with a large number of bees. They can be communal, meaning that the females share their nests with other females on occasion. The females will have several nests that look like drill holes located on a vertical surface, or underground in loose soil. These bees are typically beneficial insects because they pollinate flowers in your garden. However, they can become problematic and must be eradicated from the environment.

Put on the thick clothing and safety goggles.

Locate all nests.

Spray pesticide into the nests after dark and seal up the nests with a cork. Corks can be cut down to size using a knife.

Locate congregational areas for the males. Typical sites are around flowers or fruit trees.

Spray congregational sites. Make sure your pesticide is conducive with your plants before using to avoid killing your plants.

Spray again the following evening until all bees are dead.

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