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How to Use Percent Discount in Excel

Updated September 03, 2018

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program that can be very useful for rapidly entering and calculating percentage discounts. You can quickly and easily set up a spreadsheet where you can enter an item's original price and the per cent discount, and Microsoft Excel will automatically calculate the final price.

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Enter "Original Price" in cell A1, "Percent Discount" in cell A2 and "Discounted Price" in cell A3.

Enter the original price of the item in cell B1. For example, if the item was £32, you would enter "50."

Enter the percentage discount as a decimal in cell B2. For example, if the discount was 35 per cent, you would enter 0.35.

Enter "=B1*(1-B2)" in cell B3 to calculate the final price of the item.


Make sure you enter the percentage as a decimal or your final price will be off.

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Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Microsoft Excel

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