How to Program a Ford Keyless Remote

Replacement keyless remotes for Ford vehicles with power door locks and keyless entry systems are available directly from Ford or from Factory remotes sold by Ford can be programmed by the dealer service centre at the time of purchase but tend to be more expensive.

Buying replacement remotes online will cost less but require you to program the remotes at home.

Enter the vehicle with the ignition key and all remotes that need programming. Insert the key into the ignition, and turn the key to the "Run" position. Within 10 seconds, turn the key between the "Run" and "Off" position eight times. End with the key in the "Run" position. The door locks will cycle, indicating that the vehicle has entered remote programming mode. If the door locks do not cycle, repeat this step to enter programming mode before proceeding.

Press any button on the remote being programmed within 20 seconds of entering programming mode. The door locks will cycle, indicating the remote was successfully programmed. Repeat this step for any additional remotes within 20 seconds of the door locks cycling.

Turn the key in the ignition to the "Off" position to exit programming mode. The door locks will cycle, signalling the end of programming mode. Test all remotes by cycling the door locks of the vehicle.