How to create a jigsaw puzzle in powerpoint

Thomas Northcut/Photodisc/Getty Images

A jigsaw puzzle is a compelling presentation tool. By piecing together the parts or your project, organisation or product in PowerPoint, you help make a critical point to your audience. While you can assemble and animate shapes, PowerPoint makes it easy to download a template that uses the jigsaw metaphor. This way, you can use the idea of a jigsaw quickly and easily in your presentation.

Download a template that uses a jigsaw puzzle (full link in Resources).

Open PowerPoint and select "New" from the File Tab.

Select "My Templates" from the Available Templates and Themes. Select the template just downloaded, and then the "OK" button.

Begin building your presentation using the jigsaw metaphor, adjusting the colours of the puzzle as you build your slides.

Save the file by pressing the "Save" icon and providing a name for the file.

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