How to Change a Keyboard Layout in Windows Vista

The Windows Vista operating system maintains the language settings and installs supplemental languages and keyboards that can be accessed by applications. In order to change a keyboard layout in Vista, at least another language and the associated keyboard layout needs to be installed, in addition to the default language (e.g., English). The differences in the keyboard layout can be previewed before the language is installed in the system settings. Keyboards can be switched from the task bar on the desktop.

Select "Control Panel" in the Start menu.

Click the "Clock, Language, and Region" icon and select "Regional and Language Options."

Click the tab, "Keyboards and Languages" and click the "Change keyboards" option.

Click the "Add" button in the "Installed Services" section.

Select the desired language from the list and click the "Preview" button to review the keyboard layout in the "Keyboard" section.

Click the "OK" button.

Right-click the bottom task bar, click the "Toolbars" option and select "Language bar."

Click the "Input language" button and select a language from the menu (section on the left). If desired, change the language for the keyboard layout (section on the right).

Locate the "Keyboard layout" icon on the bottom task bar (for example, English is displayed as "EN").

Click the Keyboard Layout icon and select an installed language from the list.

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