How to make a megaphone from poster board

Having your kids do scientific experiments is not only a fun way to kill a couple of hours of an afternoon, but it also promotes their brain development. One of the easiest science experiments you can do with children is to build a megaphone and teach them about sound. Building a megaphone is something that the kids can help you with, so the entire project can be fun for the whole family.

Place the poster board on a flat surface. If it begins to curl, tape the corners down to ensure a flat piece of paper.

Put the circular template on top of the poster board. Try to fill as much of the poster board as possible. Draw a circle with a pencil.

Cut out the circle using the scissors. Discard the extra poster board. Once the circle has been cut out, cut the circle in half.

Roll one of the half circles along the straight side, until you get a cone shape. Attach the two sides of the cone using tape.

Cut off the top point of the cone to create a smaller circle, which will act as a mouthpiece. Repeat the process for the other half circle to create a second megaphone.

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