How to Seal Inkjet Paper

High-resolution photographs and artwork can be printed using an inkjet printer to create special gifts. These inkjet prints should be sprayed with a protective sealer to protect the ink from exposure to water and enhance its durability. Clear acrylic sealer is available at craft and hardware stores. Select a spray sealer or varnish to apply thin, even layers of varnish over the print. Since inkjet paper is very absorbent, a spray produces a thin layer to coat the surface. Plan for ample drying time to apply several layers of sealant to properly preserve your memorable print.

Cover a flat surface with newspaper and lay your inkjet print on top. Check that the print is flat, with no corners or edges curled.

Spray a thin layer of clear acrylic coating on the paper and allow to dry flat according to manufacturer's instructions.

Repeat step 2 two or three times to obtain the desired level of sealing.

Set the coated paper aside overnight to completely dry.

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