How to remove stem from vertical blind

A vertical blind is generally used for sliding glass doors and other large windows. Vertical window blinds provide the benefits of privacy yet allow users to quickly open them by stacking. Stacking occurs when you pull on the chain or cord and slats move to one end of the vertical blind into a uniform position. Unfortunately, the stem or stems on a vertical blind can break and cause stacking or rotating of slats to fail. You can replace a stem on your vertical window blinds inexpensively and in a short amount of time.

Rotate the vertical blind slats open by using the chain. Ensure that they are completely open or you will not be able to retrieve a stem from the blinds. Vertical blinds are completely open when slats allow maximum sunlight in.

Identify the parts before you begin working to ensure that you do not damage anything. Use a flashlight so that you will be able to see parts very easily. Locate the stem. The stem is a plastic piece that is attached to gears. The gears are what rotate and move slats on vertical blinds.

Take the needle-nose pliers and grip onto the base of the stem. Start a twisting motion with the pliers against the carrier of the blinds. Stems generally come off without much of a hassle.

Hold the gear of the vertical blinds in place by using your index finger and thumb. Remember, the gear was the part where the stem attaches to the vertical window blinds.

Hold firmly and take the stem and push it onto the gear to put a new one back into place.

Take the slat and place it back into the new stem through the slides.

Insure the hole of the slat is lined up with the stem prongs.

Gently pinch the stem together.

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