How to Remove the Green Tint From Dyed Hair

Using a hair dye that has ash tones generally causes a green tint to dyed hair. Dyed hair with a green tint can also be caused by chlorine that is used in swimming pools for keeping water clean from bacteria. Blond dyed hair is more susceptible to developing the green tint during swimming because of lighter hair colouring and also because blond hair is generally very dry from using peroxide. Luckily, you can remove the green tint from you hair easily, no matter the cause for the unusual colouring.

Purchase a shampoo that is specific for cancelling out ash, green and grey tones. Buy a shampoo at your favourite store or salon that is specific for swimmers and removing green tint from dyed hair if you have recently been swimming.

Read the instructions found on the back of your clarifying or anti-chlorine shampoo. Wash your dyed hair with the green tint by following the instructions found on the back of the bottle. Do not pile hair on top of your hair when washing as this will damage and tangle your hair strands. Rinse your hair well to remove suds. According to, the metals that are found in chlorine are what cause your hair to turn green.

Continue to use the shampoo for a few days until you achieve your desired hair colour.

Purchase a warm coloured toner if removing hair colour of green or grey shades has failed. A warm coloured toner will cancel out the green or grey tint to your dyed hair. Look for hair tinting dyes with the words “warm” or “golden.” Stay away from products with the words “cool” or “ash” to prevent another undesired colour.

Put on old clothing and gloves to protect from staining when using the hair tinting product.

Read the instructions carefully on the back of the hair-tinting product. Apply the toner to your dyed hair and leave on according to the instructions.

Rinse the dye out thoroughly in the shower. Continue rinsing your dyed hair until the water runs clear from your strands.

Apply a conditioner daily to prevent hair strands from drying out.

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