How to display fans on a wall

Handmade fans are beautifully decorative pieces to set up or display on the wall. They can be inexpensive, but can add style and allure to your wall. Oriental style wall fans are available in all kinds of shapes, sizes and even styles. These fans are made from paper and fabric; the ones made of fabric create a more authentic look, and they are also more durable. There are different methods of hanging these wall fans, similar to the way you hang paintings on the wall. With these simple steps you can create a masterpiece on the wall. Opt for modern or contemporary designs based on your interiors.

Get your wall fan. Purchase the wall fan of your choice or even use one, which was given to you. There are beautiful hand-painted fans available in both folding styles and open styles, with different colours and fabrics to choose from. You can experiment with the choices available. Some good places to look for your fans are Cost Plus, eBay and various Asian food markets.

Choose the wall based on the size of the wall fan. Remember that a very small fan would not look great on the wall of your living room unless you were hanging several of them. Similarly an over-sized fan would spoil the decor of your bedroom. Evaluate the size of the wall fan and then select the spot where you want to hang it.

Unfold the fan. Hold the fan in front of you from the solitary pivot screw at its bottom. The fan can be easily unfolded by twisting the bamboo slats and opening them in a clockwise direction. Some fans have a complete width of 60 inches while the smaller ones can be 40 inches or less.

Secure the fan onto the wall with the help of double-sided tape. This is a popular method for sticking the fan on the wall without a need for drilling holes. If you are using an Oriental fan, then remember that they are made from bamboo, which is very light. Apply the tape in a few places on the ribs of the fan so that it can be held in place. You could also use a clear pushpin to secure the fan if you choose. Additionally, you could place your fan in a shadow box to display it while keeping it clean and safe. Shadow boxes are shallow, enclosed, rectangular boxes typically with a glass front that are used for keeping and protecting pieces on display.

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