How to Restore Color to a Faded Plastic Kayak

Kayaking and canoeing have become popular pastimes for outdoor enthusiasts all across the world. These small boats come in various shapes, sizes and colours, and all need routine maintenance to keep them looking and performing well. UV rays can damage or fade the colour of a plastic or fibreglass kayak over time with minimal exposure. Properly cleaning and reapplying protective gel coats can increase the life and durability of your kayak. While abrasions and holes must be patched and resurfaced, restoring the colour of a plastic kayak is a relatively simple process. With a few easy to follow instructions anyone can restore the colour to a faded plastic kayak.

Clean the surface of the kayak with soapy water to remove any dirt, debris or mildew. Dry the kayak thoroughly with a towel.

Apply a coloured automotive polish that matches the colour of your plastic kayak. Follow the polish manufacturer's instructions for applying the polish. This will restore the colour or your kayak and prime it for applying a protective coating.

Apply a plastic protective gel coat with a GB-60 or 303 protectant. This will seal in the colour and protect the hull from harsh UV rays.

Allow the kayak to dry for three days before use. Ensure that the kayak is completely dry and doesn't feel sticky to the touch before attempting to use.

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