How to change hair color from orange

An at-home hair bleaching job will often leave a woman who has naturally brown hair with bright orange hair. Orange is the most basic colour that is often found in brown hair after the other pigment has been stripped away. Thankfully, if orange is not the colour you were going for, there is a solution and it doesn't necessarily involve going to the salon. Using complimentary colours can neutralise the brassy colour that you may have got from bleaching your hair or attempting to dye it blond.

Go to a beauty supply store that sells hair bleaching supplies and purchase a blue-based toner.

Read the directions carefully that came with the toner and apply it to your hair. Leave it on for about 30 to 45 minutes, or whatever it says on the instructions, and rinse it out.

Wash your hair on a regular basis with a blue-based shampoo and treat it with a blue-based conditioner to prevent brassiness from coming back.

Wash your hair with a demineralising shampoo to wash out brassiness caused from iron in your water.

Buy a box of "ash brown" hair colour before you apply any other colour to your hair, such as black or brown. If you have dyed your hair orange on purpose with an orange hair dye, depending on the quality of the brand, the colour will remain strong even after fading and will affect the colour that you want to change it to.

Follow the directions on the box for mixing and apply the ash brown in 2-inch sections all over your head to distribute it evenly. The ash brown will cover the orange and neutralise it. Wait for the amount of time indicated on the box, check a small piece on the bottom of your hair to see if you have effectively covered the orange, and rinse it out thoroughly.

Wait at least 2 weeks to let your hair rest from the application of dyeing chemicals, and deep condition it twice a week. Now your hair is ready to be dyed whatever darker colours you would like, without having an orange tint.

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