How to Reset a Water Memo With Brita Filters

Brita water filtration systems provide users with a convenient method for cleaning the contaminants found in tap water. The filtration systems work by pouring tap water into the container where it seeps through a cartridge filter, cleaning the water. The cartridge filter has a finite lifespan, after which it needs to be replaced. Brita designed their water filters with a filter indicator, named MEMO, to remind you when the cartridge needs to be replaced.

Remove the old filter and insert the replacement filter cartridge. If you are resetting the "MEMO" after a period of non-use, pour out all of the water in the container.

Press and hold the "Start" button on the container until four status bars appear in the display and blink twice. Release the button after the bars finish blinking.

Pour water into the container to begin filtration and use the container as normal. One bar will disappear each week. When all of the bars disappear, the filter needs to be replaced.

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