How to remove tartar from dentures

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Caring for your dentures with daily cleaning is important to keep them white, bright and germ free. Daily maintenance isn't difficult, although removing built-up tartar can take a bit of extra effort. Tartar is caused by saliva and it can build up on dentures as easily as it does on natural teeth. It's typically found on the upper molars and along the backs of the lower front teeth, because saliva ducts are located there. Removing tartar from your dentures will help keep your gums and mouth healthy and fresh.

Remove your dentures to clean them. Fill the sink half full of warm water to avoid breakage in case you drop your dentures. Brush your teeth after meals at least twice a day. Use a regular toothbrush and a fluoride toothpaste to avoid abrasive scrubbing, which will wear away at your dentures and can cause scratches where bacteria will grow.

Brush your gums and tongue to remove bacteria in your mouth and stimulate your gums.

Rinse your dentures thoroughly to remove all food particles from underneath the plate. Replace them in your mouth.

Soak your dentures in a solution of one part vinegar to one part warm water to help loosen plaque and tarter build up. After soaking, the tartar will soften and can then be removed by brushing. You should soak your dentures nightly, using vinegar and water when built-up tartar is present.

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