How to Get Ear Congestion to Break

Stuffed up sinuses can put pressure on your ear canals. This pressure can cause you to feel that your ears are congested, making them ache. Sinus pressure can also make you hear things as if they are muffled, which may make you feel rather off.

The only way you can break the ear congestion is to relieve the sinus pressure, which means that you have to clear your nasal passages of mucus. One way to clear mucus-stuffed sinus passages is with an over-the-counter nasal spray.

Take a piece of facial tissue and hold it over the end of your nose. Close the left nostril of your nose by pushing is shut with your finger. Now, take in a deep breath through your mouth and close your lips. Blow that breath out through your open nostril hard and fast, emptying as much mucus from that nostril into the tissue as possible. Repeat this process with the other nostril. Keep alternating between nostrils, getting a new facial tissue when necessary, until your nose is as clear as possible.

Take your nasal spray and shake it, if directed to do so by the instructions on the packaging. Now, remove the cap on the nasal spray.

Hold the bottle of nasal spray like you would a syringe, with the nozzle between your pointer and middle finger and your thumb at the bottom of the bottle.

Position the nozzle of the bottle of nasal spray at the opening of one of your nostrils. Spray the nasal spray into the nostril by pressing up with your thumb while holding down with your pointer and middle finger. While doing this breath in like normal, not like you are taking a deep breath. Repeat this process with the other nostril.