How to word an announcement for the death of a loved one

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Writing a death announcement for a loved one can be a challenging task. In dealing with your grief, you may be overwhelmed as there is much to include. While each newspaper varies as to how much they charge to print a death announcement, there's no set rule as to how long or short the announcement should be. Try to make the announcement succinct, but include pertinent information about the deceased and the service information.

If you're holding a service for the deceased, Elegant Memorials advises speaking with the funeral home as they may have a template for writing your announcement, or offer to include a death announcement in the paper as part of the service costs.

In creating the announcement, Obituaries Help notes you should start with the person's full name and city of residence. Be sure to include the person's age. You can list where the person was born, or an area they lived for a particularly long length of time. Any titles, such as a M.D. or military rank should be included.

Noting the cause of death can be as direct or discrete as you wish. If the person died of a long-term battle with a terminal illness, such as cancer, this may be noted. If the person died unexpectedly in a tragic car accident or became ill, simply note that they passed suddenly. You can also include where the deceased passed on, such as in their home or at a hospital. If family and friends were with the deceased as they passed, you may note this as well.

Include any surviving family members of the deceased in the notice. Noting a spouse, children, grandchildren and close family friends, will not only serve as a legacy for your loved one, but allows others to note to whom they can direct their condolences toward. This can be helpful in letting others know who will be in attendance should your family choose to have a greeting line at the service.

Note any contributions that readers can make. If your family wishes to have donations sent to an organisation such as the Children in Need, or a local church or community centre, be sure to include the organisation's contact information. This will help those wishing to make monetary donations know where to send their gifts.

If services are being held, note the time, date, and location of the service and calling hours. Check with the funeral home or church where you are having services held as they may have particular instructions on how to note their location, or helpful contact information, such as a website.

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