How to Remove the Rear Bumper from an Ibiza

Spanish automaker SEAT produces the Ibiza, which is classified as a "supermini" automobile. While nimble, the Ibiza is not immune to wear and tear. Especially problematic are the front and rear bumpers, since they sit so low to the ground. Screw bolts and plastic rivets hold the rear bumper of the SEAT Ibiza in place.

When the bumper cracks or becomes damaged, you'll need to know how to remove the bumper so you can fix it or replace it.

Reach inside the rear wheel well, and use a flathead screwdriver to pop off the plastic rivets that hold the inner wheel liner to the bumper.

Raise the Ibiza on its rear jack support area behind the boot, using a floor jack. Place a jack stand under each of the rear pinch welds, and lower the vehicle onto the stands.

Remove the screw bolts that hold the rear bumper to the bumper support. Use the socket wrench.

Slide the bumper off the support.