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How to report someone for dangerous driving to the police

Updated March 23, 2017

Dangerous or reckless drivers are a threat to society. If you have witnessed a vehicular crime or a person operating a motor vehicle dangerously or while intoxicated, it's your duty to report that person to the police. Doing so could prevent the driver from hurting themselves and others on the road.

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  1. Write down the vehicle's license plate number and a brief description of the vehicle. Try to determine the make, model, colour and note any unusual characteristics or accessories the vehicle has.

  2. Note the approximate time, as well as the location where the incident(s) occurred. If possible, make a brief description of the driver.

  3. Contact your local police department. If the incident occurred on a major highway or interstate, consider contacting the state police department. Offer as much information as possible to help them identify and find the driver.

  4. Tip

    It's important to record as much information about the vehicle as possible. The license plate number alone will provide no information to the police if the operator is using a stolen or counterfeit plate.

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