How to Use Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth for Human Uses

Diatomaceous Earth, or DE, sometimes known as fossil shell flour, consists of diatoms, water-dwelling, single-celled organisms with hard exoskeletons. When diatoms die, these exoskeletons drift down to the ocean or lake floor and build up large deposits. As water bodies change, these deposits become available for mining. Although there are toxic types of DE, and some DE products may contain toxic additives, some DE can be of food-grade quality. Food-grade DE can be used by humans as part of a detoxification regimen. Consult your physician before making any changes to your diet.

Ensure your diatomaceous earth is food grade. Not all DE, like that used in pool filters or marketed for garden pest control, is safe for human consumption.

Add 1 tsp of food-grade DE to 236ml. of warm distilled water before breakfast; stir and drink.

Add 1 tsp of food-grade DE to 227gr. warm distilled water before bed; stir and drink.

Gradually increase the dosage of food-grade DE to 3 tbsp daily.

Maintain this level -- 3 tbsp daily -- for up to four months.

After this detoxification period, lower the dosage and take 1 tsp of food-grade DE daily for maintenance purposes.

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