How to shine Corian

Wikimedia Commons

Corian is a blend of stone and plastics, moulded together to create one of the most durable worktops available. Corian worktops are low maintenance, resist stains that many natural stone worktops do not, and do not scratch, making them an ideal choice for the kitchen.

Corian comes in different finishes: matt, satin, semigloss and high gloss. The matt and satin finishes will never have a high level of shine, but semigloss and high gloss finished Corian should have a shiny lustre. Over time and usage, Corian can become dull, but don't despair. You can restore the shine to your Corian worktops with some polish and a little elbow grease.

Pour 59 ml (1/4 cup) of washing up liquid into a 1 litres (1 quart) spray bottle and fill the remainder of the bottle with hot water.

Shake the bottle to mix the contents and spray the cleaning solution onto the Corian countertops.

Wash the worktops with a soft cloth or sponge and rinse them thoroughly with warm water. Dry the worktops with a soft cloth or towel.

Apply a bit of commercial worktops polish specifically designed for Corian to the end of a soft cloth. Rub the polish onto the Corian worktops.

Buff the polish from the worktops using a soft cloth or a sponge.