How to Dispose of an Expired EpiPen

An EpiPen is a prescription self-injection device used to administer a single dose of epinephrine to a person experiencing anaphylaxis. The Mayo Clinic describes anaphylaxis as a severe, potentially life-threatening allergic reaction that affects the entire body.

An EpiPen will eventually expire, and you must replace it if you do not use it before the expiration date. When replacing an expired EpiPen, it is important that you dispose of it properly, because the needle and epinephrine contained in the injector are subject to state and federal regulations regarding the disposal of biomedical waste.

Verify that your EpiPen has expired. The expiration date is marked on the side of your EpiPen.

Place your EpiPen into its plastic carrier and seal the carrier by tightening the cap.

Take your expired EpiPen to your doctor's office, a hospital, or a pharmacy; they will dispose of it for you. Pharmacies and medical offices have specialised and heavily regulated methods for the disposal of medical waste.