How to Use Pure Essential Oils in Soy Candles

Making candles from soy wax is one of the easier, cleaner ways to make candles, and although soy wax is a fairly new method of candle making you can still use your favourite pure essential oils. Pure essential oils have a stronger aroma and often stronger therapeutic properties than many other essential oils, and this is the primary concern when using pure essential oils in soy candles because you don't want to overdo it. Following these guidelines, however, will help you to achieve the best results from your soy wax candles.

Place the wick into the glass container and secure with a tiny dab of glue if necessary. Set aside.

Melt 454gr of soy wax in the microwave on LOW, stirring about every minute until the wax is completely melted and smooth.

Remove the wax from the microwave, and add 7.39ml of pure essential oils. Stir slowly to ensure that the oil is evenly dispersed throughout the wax.

Carefully pour the wax into glass container, adjusting the wick as needed. Allow the container to sit undisturbed until completely cool.

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