How to Paint Over Wallpaper Adhesive

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Stripping wallpaper is a tedious endeavour, and more often than not, leftover adhesive residue remains attached to the wall even after the paper is gone. This adhesive greatly interferes with paint adhesion and will cause paint to separate into what is known as a crackling effect.

If you have worked hard to remove your wallpaper adhesive but were unable to clean it away entirely, you will need to apply a specific type of primer to the wall before you paint, or you will have no chance at adhesion.

Cover flooring adjacent to the walls with dust sheets.

Fill a spray bottle with soapy warm water.

Spray the wallpaper adhesive with the warm water, and scrape away as much of the glue as possible, using a plastic putty knife. Allow the wall to dry completely.

Coat any remaining wallpaper adhesive with an oil-based primer, using the paintbrushes.

Allow the primer to dry for two full hours, and then apply two coats of paint using a roller. Allow two hours of dry time between coats.