How to Connect Two Different Diameter Garden Hoses

If you need to water your landscape a long distance from a water spigot, you'll either need to buy a longer garden hose, or you'll need to connect hoses of shorter lengths. You may find, however, that the hoses are of two different diameters and won't screw together securely. Fortunately, there's an easy remedy.

You don't need to buy new hoses; you just need to pick up a few inexpensive materials at your local hardware or gardening centre.

Connect the garden hose with the largest diameter to the faucet, even if that means buying an adaptor to make it fit properly. By using the smaller hose further down the length of the hoses, water pressure will maintain better.

Measure the inside diameter of any garden hose needing an adaptor. Most garden hoses are 1/2, 5/8 or 3/4 of an inch in diameter.

Notice whether you'll need an adaptor for the male or female end of the hose. The male end has threads on it that screw inside another hose or spigot. The female end has threads on the inside, allowing another hose or a spigot to be fastened inside.

Purchase a hose adaptor of the appropriate size and type (male or female) at your local garden or hardware supply store.

Screw the adaptor into one hose. For example, if one hose has a female end and the adaptor has a male end, screw the adaptor into the hose, twisting clockwise.

Screw the other end of the adaptor into the second hose, twisting clockwise.