How to get rid of sticky mucus in my mouth

Mucus is a sticky substance that our bodies produce naturally. When our bodies are fighting off infections or colds, they tend to produce excess mucus. The mucus can then collect in our mouths, making it difficult to drink and eat.

If the extra mucus in your mouth begins to bother you, you can take an active roll and do something about it.

Boil a pot of water so that it is producing steam. Place a towel over the top of your head and lean over the hot water. Breathe the steam in through your mouth. This will loosen the mucus membrane so that you can spit the mucus out.

Make a salt water solution by adding the salt to 118ml of warm water. Swish this around in your mouth for 20 seconds at a time. The salt drys up the mucus so that you will not have an excess amount of it in your mouth.

Suck on a lemon wedge. That acid in the lemon will eat away at the mucus in your mouth.

Eat a bowl of spicy soup. The spices cause the mucus to become thin like liquid so that you can just swallow it or spit it out. Your mouth will then be free of mucus. If you are suffering from a cold, the mucus may return. If that happens, just eat another bowl of spicy soup.