How to Make an Imprint in Plaster of Paris

Plaster of Paris is a white powder that can be mixed with water to form a paste. The paste then hardens as it dries. It is simple to make any sort of imprint in plaster of Paris, including hands, feet, leaves and sticks.

Mix plaster of Paris and water in a container. The mix should be about the consistency of pea soup.

Pour the plaster of Paris mix onto a paper plate. It should be about one inch deep (deeper if you are making a cast of a larger object). Let the plaster of Paris sit for a couple minutes to get firm.

Place whatever object you want to make an imprint of in the plaster of Paris. The object should not touch the bottom of the plate. Hold it there for one to two minutes and then remove. If you are making an imprint of someone's foot or hand, wash the plaster of Paris off immediately afterward.

Leave the plaster of Paris imprint on the plate and set it out overnight. This will allow it plenty of time to dry and set.

Remove your plaster of Paris imprint from the plate.

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