How to Remove the Smell of Urine From Mattresses

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Urine not only leaves behind unpleasant stains on mattresses, but it also has an offensive and lingering odour. Urine stains smell similar to ammonia, and they can make sleeping on the mattresses uncomfortable. Once you notice a urine stain, treat it immediately to prevent it from soaking deeper into your mattress.

The longer the urine stain sits on your mattress, the more difficult it will be to remove the odour.

Put on rubber gloves to protect your health. Remove all sheets and pads/covers from the mattress. Locate the urine stain.

Blot the urine from the mattress with a washcloth or paper towels. Avoid pushing or rubbing on the urine because you can push it deeper into the mattress.

Sponge washing powder onto the urine stain, covering it completely.

Rinse the detergent from the mattress by blotting with a washcloth dampened with white distilled vinegar. Rinse the washcloth as needed until you remove the urine stain and odour.

Allow the mattress to air-dry. Place fans in front of the mattress or place it outdoors in the sunlight.

Sprinkle baking soda over the mattress if you still notice the urine odour. Allow the baking soda to sit on the mattress overnight and then vacuum it off the mattress.

Pour club soda over the urine stain and odour if it still remains, blotting it with a clean washcloth. Repeat steps 5 and 6.