How to Choose Spinning Music

Spinning is an intense workout routine based on indoor or outdoor cycling. You can take a spinning class at a local gym or practice on your own. Either way, you will see results with this hard-core training routine.

In order to keep yourself motivated and give yourself a pace for your workout, choose a playlist of songs that matches your spinning workout.

Plan the length of your workout. If you are a novice spinner, you may only work out for 15 to 30 minutes your first couple of times. If you're a spinning veteran, you may try a 60-minute routine instead. Either way, you need to choose music to fill the time that you will work out, including warm-up and cool-down periods. Pay attention to the length of the songs you choose for your spinning playlist and make sure that those songs match with the length of your workout.

Start off slowly. Pick a song that puts you in a good mood but doesn't pick up the pace too much. For example, J.R. Atwood of Power 10 Spinning recommends using Counting Crows' "Hanginaround" as a starter for one spinning workout. Use this initial song to stretch your muscles and mentally prepare yourself for your routine. You may even start to cycle before the song ends, but slowly to warm up your muscles and get in the groove.

Kick up the tempo. You will want some upbeat, fast-moving songs for your workout as well. Techno music can be a great workout addition, because it has pumping beats and upbeat tunes. You will find similar options in the pop and punk genres. The idea is to pick something perky and upbeat. Try to avoid love ballads and classical tunes for this workout.

Vary the pace. You shouldn't have a playlist full of songs that are all the same. Instead, try changing the beats a little. Marie Claire magazine's DJ Chris Lawhorn chose songs with a variety of BPMs (beats per minute) for his spinning playlist. This variation allows you to alter the speed of your cycling and keep your body guessing during your workout. Your muscles will get a variety of movements and stretches out of your routine that way.

Cool it down. For the end of your workout, slow it back down again for a cool-down period. You will want at least one slower song to wind down your cycling motions, pedal slowly, and bring your heartbeat back down to normal rates. Then you may want to choose a second slow song for your final stretches and breathing exercises at the conclusion of your spinning routine. Now is the time to bring out a love song or perhaps an instrumental or ambient music selection for your workout mix.