How to Calculate vVO2max

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VO2 max is a measure of the maximum amount of oxygen that a person can process while exercising. A higher fitness level leads to a greater VO2 max, allowing a person to exercise at a higher intensity. The vVO2 max is a measure of the velocity or speed at which a person reaches VO2 max. The vVO2 max can be calculated by determining how fast a person is running when he reaches VO2 max. While laboratory testing is the most accurate way to determine vVO2 max, it can be easily estimated by running a six-minute time trial.

Go to a running track or trail where it will be easy to chart your running distance.

Warm up completely.

Run for six minutes at the fastest pace you can maintain for the entire six minutes.

Calculate your running distance in meters.

Divide your running distance by 360 seconds to calculate your vVO2 max in meters/second.

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