How to clean hearing aid ear moulds

AndreyPopov/iStock/Getty Images

The hearing aid mould is the section of a hearing aid that fits into the ear. Keeping the hearing aid mould clean can significantly lengthen the life of the hearing aid. Caring for the mould regularly is essential in maintaining its functionality.

Wipe the outside of the hearing aid mould with a soft cloth.

Use a small toothpick to carefully remove any earwax or other debris from the opening of the hearing aid mould.

Remove the hearing aid mould from the soft tubing.

Soak the hearing aid mould in a diluted mixture of warm water and mild soap for several hours to loosen any additional debris.

Rub a toothbrush against any remaining debris to dislodge it.

Air dry the hearing aid mould completely before reattaching it to the tubing. Alternatively, ask your audiologist for a bulb blower to dry the hearing aid mould by blowing air through it. Then reattach it.

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