How to remove urine smell from leather seats in the car

Whether you are transporting pets or children, the chances of a bladder-related accident are always present. Fortunately, if an accident does occur, you won't have to pay a high price to replace your upholstery. That's because cleaning urine from leather car seats is a relatively easy process.

Remove the leather seat if possible. Otherwise, clean out the car so that you have full access to the seat.

Use a clean rag or towel to absorb all liquid at the site of the stain.

Dilute a cup of mild detergent with a quarter of a cup of water. Mix slowly.

Wet a rag or cloth towel with the mixture and wash the entire leather seat. Make sure you wash every part, including seams, as evenly as possible to prevent water stains.

Spray a small amount of the enzymatic cleaner on the stain location. Allow it to sit as directed. Nature's Miracle is one such leather-safe product.

Wipe down the leather seat with rag or cloth towel dampened in water. Once again, be sure to wipe the entire seat.

Allow to air dry.