How to Paint a Chiminea

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A chiminea, a Spanish word used for chimney that describes a type of clay or cast iron stove, are easy to paint, but they tend to lose their paint quickly. These small, round stoves are family friendly, and are a perfect way to make it more enjoyable to spend time outdoors on cold nights.

As long as you use heat-resistant paint, you can paint a chiminea any way you like.

Sand the chiminea to remove any rough clay or rust.

Wash the chiminea to remove dust, and allow it to dry.

Acquire an appropriate paint, such as barbecue paint or heat-resistant paint, and place the chiminea on old newspaper in a well-ventilated place.

Apply painter's tape and plastic to cover up the cooking area of the stove. Paint gives off toxic fumes that can make food inedible, so avoid getting paint inside the stove.

Paint the chiminea. Spray multiple light coats, allowing the paint to dry between each layer before spraying the next. Use as many coats as necessary to create a smooth, attractive finish.