How to Build a Roman Chariot

Romans used many weapons to conquer much of Europe. One of the tools that they used was a chariot. Not only did they use the chariot in combat, but they also used it to race. Dozens of chariots would race and there would typically only be one man standing as the winner. Here are the plans to create a basic Roman chariot so that you can create your own races with chariots.

Most Roman chariots were flat on the back and rounded on the front, so it is important to cut the floorboard in the same way. Take a piece of plywood and draw out the design. Place it on two horses so that it is sturdy for cutting. Using a jigsaw, follow the line to the left of it so that the size is the correct one. Take the wood and put the side you'd stand on face down.

Using four brackets, attach the metal pipe to the bottom of the floorboard. You want it to be secure so that it doesn't move at all. If the pipe moves, what winds up happening is the wheels wobble and that prevents speed and efficiency.

Slip the wheels into place and make sure that they are tight, but are able to spin. You don't want them to fall off, but you also want them to be able to move. The best way to do this is to use a wheel that the pipe can go through rather than having the wheel attach to the end of the pipe. That will keep it in place, but won't let the wheel get restricted.

Boil a large pot of water and put another piece of plywood over it. Steaming wood is a great way to make wood bend in the way you want. After the entire piece of wood has bent and you are able to form it the way you want, quickly glue and screw it into place on the floorboard. To do this, put a layer of glue to connect the side to the bottom of the floorboard. Then screw it in with a screw every four inches apart. Allow to dry and the wood will stay in that shape.

Screw two wooden or metal poles into the bottom of the floorboard and into 2x4 pieces of wood inside the chariot. These poles are what would attach to the horse, but it also creates a place to put your feet so that you don't fall out when you are racing fast.

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