How to remove blackboard paint

Blackboard, or chalkboard, paint is a fun way to create a chalkboard almost anywhere in your home. Decorate a child's wall with it and write notes or draw pictures together, or paint the wall next to your stove with it, in order to remember recipes and notes.

However, there usually comes a time when your child either grows out of it or it is necessary to remove the paint and make your wall normal again.

Wet a cloth with warm water and wash down the blackboard, removing any and all residue. Use a dry cloth to dry the board. Be sure it's thoroughly dry before you proceed.

Prepare the blackboard area before you paint by applying a primer suited to the colour you'll be painting your walls. Apply the primer twice, letting the first coat dry completely first. Blackboard paint is usually green or black, so painting over it can be extremely difficult, especially if you plan to make your wall white.

Paint the entire wall with one coat of paint and let it dry for about 30 minutes to one hour. Go over the wall with another coat, making sure the black or green is no longer visible. If you can still see it through two coats, wait about 30 minutes to one hour for the paint to dry and go over the wall again. Follow this procedure until the blackboard paint is no longer visible.