How to Clean Sandstone Coasters

Sandstone has a porous structure that naturally absorbs water, making it the perfect material for beverage coasters. Conversely, its absorbent surface also makes it a challenge to clean, as it quickly absorbs and sometimes retains spills. The final sandstone coaster product also poses additional challenges.

Some sandstone coaster manufacturers cut or etch the sandstone with patterns that easily retain dust, dirt and other debris; paint the sandstone without a sealant leaving painted images exposed to moisture and wear; or back the coasters with felt, cork or tiny feet that can also retain debris and stain, tear or fall off.

Place under cold running water, if your coasters have cork, rubber or silicone backings or feet, to rinse away any dust or light dirt.

Wipe with a clean microfiber cloth or sponge, if they have felt backs, to rinse.

Remove dirt, dust or other debris from felt backings with a soft lint brush or tape-style lint remover roller.

Set your coasters aside to air dry.

Wash your coaster(s) with a small amount of mild soap/detergent and water if coated in a sticky beverage or stained. Although fresh spills can come out of sandstone easily with plain water, using mild soap guarantees that you have completely removed any sugar that could attract insects.

Gently scrub any tough stains, or dirt, food or other debris lodged in any etched artwork or cracks in the sandstone, with a soft-bristled brush.

Remove any remaining soap residue by rinsing your coasters for at least five minutes under running water.

Air dry your coasters.