Do it Yourself Plans for a Banana Hanger

The purpose of a banana hanger is to keep fresh bananas off of flat surfaces, where they can become bruised as they ripen. By hanging fresh bananas in the air in bunches by their stems, they can be kept fresher for a longer period. Bananas can quickly ripen from an enjoyable state to an overripe state.

A hanger can make a large difference in how long they can be enjoyed.


To create a DIY wooden banana hanger, you need only a few basic supplies. Lumber is needed to create the base and the stand for the hanger. A screw-in metal hook will be ideal for hanging bananas from the top of the stand. Metal screws, a screwdriver and a power drill will be required for basic construction. The base and stand can be cut from the wood using any of a number of different tools, including a jigsaw or an ordinary table saw. Sandpaper may be required for finishing touches.


The base can be made into any desired shape, though stability should be a consideration. Steps should be taken in crafting a base for the hanger to make sure that the bottom of the piece is smooth and flat and that it provides enough surface and heft that the stand can extend from it without tipping. Many banana hanger plants have a long rectangular or oval base so that the stand can extend over the middle, creating a balance.


Depending on its design, the stand for the banana hanger extends from the rear or centre of the base, with a hook at the top from which bananas can be hung. The stand can be attached to the base by drilling pilot holes through both pieces and running screws up into the stand from underneath the base. The stand can be thick or thin, curved, bent or straight, as long as the size and shape allow the banana hanger to balance properly when in use.


A screw-in rounded hook works well. Drill a pilot hole into the end of the banana hanger's stand, choosing a drill bit that is sized just slightly smaller than the hook itself. Screw the hook in completely so that the opening is facing upward. Test the hook's strength with several bananas and ensure that the proper balance is maintained. A banana hanger that falls over will do the bananas no good.