How to grow lotus in a fish bowl Images

Fish bowls make appalling homes for fish, but they can be repurposed as lovely terrariums and plant-only aquariums. If you have a large old fish bowl hanging around, using it to grow a single floating lotus creates a striking feature for a simply decorated home. A lotus bowl makes a modern, long-lasting alternative to a vase of flowers, with extra green points for recycling.

Place the bowl on a windowsill that receives plenty of sunlight each day. Do your preparation once the bowl is in situ -- it is going to be heavy once it is full of compost and water.

Pack the bowl with peat-free potting compost to about 15 to 25 centimetres below the rim.

Position the tuber horizontally on top of the compost, taking great care not to bruise or scratch it. Lotus tubers are extremely delicate.

Add distilled or rainwater to the bowl until the water surface is above the tuber and a few centimetres below the rim of the bowl.

Add a small amount of organic houseplant fertiliser to the water as per the instructions. As a rough guide, use about as much as the label recommends for a pot of the same volume as the bowl.

Top up the water level as required with distilled water.

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