How to get rid of paper mites

Paper mites, also called bird mites or tropical fowl mites, are a species of mites which primarily prey upon wild birds. The mites can also feed on human blood, however, making them an annoying pest to discover in your household. Once properly identified, it is important that full precautions are taken to fully eradicate your mite infestation to ensure that no mites are left behind to reproduce and duplicate your pest problem.

Locate the nest which has been infected with the paper mites. An infestation is brought to your house by an infected bird, and locating any potential offending nests is needed to ensure all mites can later be destroyed.

Attempt to capture a living or dead mite to inspect and confirm that you have a paper mite infestation. Look at online pictures to make sure that the mites you are afflicted with are paper mites.

Completely remove any offending nests from your house. Do not leave any scraps which can be used to build a new nest, or that would allow a new bird to take up residence and continue spreading mites.

Purchase a pesticide that advertises effectiveness against paper or bird mites, and spray the areas from which you removed nests.

Repair any openings in your house's exterior through which the mites could have gained access to your house. Seal cracks along windows with caulk and repair any loose or damaged shingles.

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