How to sew press studs

needle image by Radu Razvan from

Home seamstresses have many options when it comes to choosing fasteners for clothing. One of the easiest and fastest closure options is the common press studs. These are not only easy to sew onto clothing but also easy to use when you're wearing the clothing.

You can sew press studs onto clothing by hand with a needle and thread, stitching each half carefully and securely.

Thread a 60 cm (2 foot) length of thread through the needle and pull the thread so you have a double length. Tie the ends of the thread into a knot.

Determine the proper placement for each half of the fastener on the clothing after you have sewn the garment. Often your sewing instructions and pattern will show you the recommended fastener placement. Line up the studs on the clothing and place a small dot onto the clothing where you must sew each half of the press stud.

Position the ball half of the press stud onto the garment. The ball half is the part with the protruding "ball" that will insert into the other half of the fastener. Hold the press stud in place with your finger and thumb.

Insert the needle up through the back of the fabric into one of the four holes around the edge of the press stud. Insert the needle back through the fabric to take a stitch over the stud. Take at least four more stitches to tack the press stud at this hole.

Bring the needle back up through the hole in the stud enclosure, then push the needle between the stud and the fabric to insert it up through the next hole in the press stud.

Repeat Steps 4 and 5 to tack the press stud at this hole, then repeat with the remaining two holes to finish sewing the ball half of the press stud to the fabric. Insert the needle back down to the underside of the fabric and up through the fabric but not through a stud hole. Pull the needle out from under the stud and knot the thread. This will conceal the thread knot. Clip the thread.

Position the socket half of the press stud onto the garment at the mark you made in Step 2. Hold the stud enclosure in place with your finger and thumb.

Repeat Steps 4 to 6 to tack the socket half of the press stud into place.

Snap the two halves of the press stud together to ensure you have aligned them properly.