How to Find a Microsoft Product Activation Key

A product activation key is added proof, other than your store receipt, that you have indeed purchased a genuine Microsoft product. Furthermore, if your product is not activated within a certain period of time, its functionality will be decreased.

For example, you will not be able to view, create or edit or even print certain documents. By using the Office Activation Wizard, you will find the key that unlocks your software's true capabilities. You will also be doing your part to fight piracy.

Check to see if your product has been activated. To do this, click the "Microsoft Office" button located on the computer task bar. (Note: Every time you start Microsoft Office, you will receive a reminder asking you to activate the software. If you have not received this reminder, you can still check to see if it has been activated before looking for the key.)

Click the "Program_Name Options" button (for example, "Word Options" in Word), and then click "Resources." Next, click "Activate." If your computer has already been activated, you will receive a message prompt stating, "The product has already been activated."

Click the "Microsoft Office" button located on the computer task bar, and then click the "Program_Name Options" button.

Click "Resources," and then click "About." To find the product activation key for an individual software program within Microsoft Office, proceed to step 5.

Open the desired individual Microsoft software program (for example, Access 2007, Excel 2007, Word 2007, PowerPoint 2007), and then select "Help" from the toolbar.

Click "About Program_Name" to locate the product activation key.