How to Remove False Nails Attached With Nail Glue

Many people choose to wear false fingernails to make their nails more attractive. While fake nails look nice, they can become bothersome or break. Sometimes it is not feasible to go to the salon to have false nails removed. Professionals also charge for false nail removal. With the right supplies and instructions, you can remove false nails at home.

Clean off any nail polish or clear coating on your nails using cotton balls and nail polish remover. Remove any decorative accents that are glued on.

Cut and file the false nails to the shortest length you can. This will help them to come off easier.

Fill a bowl to about one inch with acetone nail polish remover. Use a bowl you don't mind throwing away because the acetone can distort the finish on the bowl.

Apply petroleum jelly to the skin around your nails. Acetone is a chemical and can easily dry out your skin.

Set a timer for 10 minutes. Any kind of timer will do, but one within close reach will be best.

Place your fingers into the bowl of acetone, submerging only the false nails. Avoid soaking any unnecessary skin.

Remove your fingers from the acetone when the timer goes off. The false nails may look a bit swollen, which is common. The acetone should begin breaking up the glue underneath the false nails.

Push down the cuticles using a cuticle pusher, and scrape off any melted layers of the false nail or glue. Use the cuticle pusher to scrape the melted layers off.

Set the timer again for 10 minutes, and place your fingers back into the bowl of acetone. Remove them after ten minutes, and scrape the melted layers off the nail.

Repeat these steps (soaking for 10 minutes, removing and scraping) five times in a row or until the glue has completely come off the nails.

Use a block buffer to remove any last bit of glue on the nail. Wash your hands thoroughly to remove the petroleum jelly and any traces of acetone.

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