How to Remove Fingerprints From Acrylic Glasses

Acrylic glassware can be great products to display when you have guests over; however, one little smudge from a fingerprint can be distracting and may take away from the item's appeal.

Normal soap does not always cleanly remove the entire smudge, so you need to use a product specially designed to clean and remove the fingerprints from your acrylic glasses.

Apply an antistatic cleaner such as Kleenmaster Brillianize to a lint-free rag. Old clean cotton products are often good for this.

Rub the Brillianize into the stained acrylic glass. Make sure to cover the entire glass and not just the one spot.

Allow the glass to sit for a few minutes, then wash the interior of the glass (do not clean the exterior) with a mild soap and water.

Allow the glass to dry. The Brillianize is going to help the glass repeal dust and future smudges.