How to kill ants with talcum powder

If you have a baby in the house, then you might have frustrated trying to find a safe way to kill off ants. After all, even products such as borax are not great for a child if swallowed and it is hard to kill ants if you cannot attack from without and within.

Fortunately, you can make ants disappear once and for all using talcum powder -- the same thing that you probably powder your little one with each day.

Observe the ants' behaviour. Try to pinpoint where they are entering the house and note any trails or habitual passages that they are using. This will help you determine where to place the talcum powder.

Lay the talcum powder in a thin line along the areas that you have targeted. The line should be on both sides of the entrance or passageway. This means that if you are lining a door, it should have talcum powder inside and out. If you are going along a trail, then you should periodically cross the trail as well as go along over it. If you can find the nest or any ant holes, fill those up with talcum powder as well.

Replace the talcum powder daily where it has been scuffed or blown around. As you do this, check for ant visibility. They should be disappearing.

Vacuum up the talcum powder once your ants are gone. Your house will smell fresh and clean and you will be able to enjoy the total lack of ants in the area.