How to Get Rid of Rats Outside

To remove rats you must take the necessary steps to maintain and clean up areas outside that can attract rats. Controlling rats from the moment you first sight them is also important as they will eventually find their way inside, especially during the colder months. Hardware stores carry many rat deterrents.

You can also find products online.

Clean up the areas outside where the rats may hide or may be attracted too. This includes garbage cans, wood piles and pet food containers. Cut down overgrown shrubs and trees.

Determine what kind of rat deterrent is right for the job.Visit a hardware store or search online to purchase the deterrent. If you have no children or pets, a bait blocker is recommended. The bait blocker is a small station that rats will go into because they are attracted to the paste/bait you place inside. Once inside the rat will not be able to get out of the station. The bait is poisonous, so the rat will die from eating it. There is also a trap inside that will snap down on the rat as a back up measure. If you do have children and pets, rat traps are the better option. By putting some kind of bait (cheese, peanut butter) on one end of the trap, rats will be attracted to the trap. As the rat gets close to the trap, it will snap shut. The rat will be trapped and cannot survive.

Place the rat deterrent in places that the rats frequent outside. The bait blocker should be placed in holes and in the pathways of the rats. Traps will not work as well in holes, so place them on solid ground in areas the rats like to frequent. Set deterrents in multiple places. It may take several attempts and several location switches until all the rats are gone, so be patient.

Continue maintaining the outside of the home.