How to Lay Brick on a Concrete Slab

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Many homes have a small, flat concrete slab outside their back door. This slab, or patio, is usually plain and does not add much to the landscape. You can improve the look and use of your backyard by laying decorative bricks over the concrete slab.

This is easier and less expensive than breaking up the slab first and starting from scratch. The slab creates a foundation and provides a solid base for the bricks. Get creative with the bricks or create a classic porch.

Clean and inspect the concrete slab. Look for cracks and holes. Repair any damage to ensure that the slab is flat and even.

Measure the area of the slab in order to purchase the correct amount of bricks needed to cover the slab. Buy a few extra in case you damage some of the bricks.

Decide on the method you want to use to install your bricks. You may choose to use mortar in between the bricks to keep the patio more secure, or just lay the bricks on top of the slab without mortar.

Prepare the slab by covering it with mortar or compacted sand. You will need a 1/2 inch layer of coarse sand or prepared mortar.

Edge around the slab with strong plastic or metal. Do not allow the edging height to exceed the height of the bricks once the bricks are placed.

Lay the bricks on top of the sand or mortar as close together as possible. You may mortar in between the bricks if you choose. Otherwise, once the bricks are placed, put a layer of sand on top of and between the bricks then sweep away any excess sand.