How to Make Seaweed Out of Construction Paper

When you think of the ocean, the image that probably comes to mind is one of colorful reef fish, starfish, sea horses and sharks, all framed by a floating mass of seaweed. Seaweed, also known as kelp, is an elongated, limp, bulbous leaf that drifts with the ocean's current.

When making seaweed out of construction paper for bulletin boards, dioramas and pictures, it is important to remember and reproduce these characteristics.

Twist green construction paper into stalks. Do the same with brown construction paper.

Arrange these construction paper stalks into thick clusters, mixing the green and brown paper.

Staple the stalks to the bulletin board to give the impression that they are floating and swaying.

Cut blue construction paper with safety scissors so that the paper lines two short sides, one long side and the bottom of the interior of a shoe box. This will be the water. Cut brown construction paper to fit the remaining long side. This will be the sea floor.

Glue the construction paper to the shoe box interior.

Rest the box so that the sea floor is on the table and the box opening is facing you. Put fish stickers on the back of the shoe box at different heights.

Make seaweed by cutting green and brown construction paper into long wavy lines.

Glue the seaweed to the brown construction paper sea floor at different points so that it stands erect.

Cut out long, wavy lines from green and brown construction paper to make seaweed.

Glue them around the edges of a piece of blue construction paper.

Draw and color pictures of fish on the blue background of your photo with crayons.